Red Cedar (Western Red Cedar Western Red Cedar) Introduction
is a common species in the northwest Pacific coast of North America and particularly in British Columbia, Canada. This tree is the longest lifespan, and most corrosion-resistant and pest species in North America, one of the cork. It can grow to enormous size.
In 1988, red cedar (western red cedar) was declared the official tree species in BC. BC, there are about 750 million cubic meters of red cedar reserves. The majority located in the West Coast region. The annual mining capacity to reach six million cubic meters. While western red cedar products in the U.S. Pacific Northwest Coast also has manufacturing, but Canada is by far the largest producer. Currently, China’s demand is also increasing. More and more people recognize its environmental performance and sustainability characteristics.
Red cedar (western red cedar) physical characteristics
Red Cedar has a high dimensional stability, a high degree of corrosion resistance and long-lasting anti-bacteria against the natural ability, durability. It rarely contraction and expansion. Red cedar density, light weight. It has good insulation and thermal insulation performance, and easy to dry. Its finish has excellent workability. All of these excellent features that have made red cedar can be applied to a variety of purposes.

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