MDF shutters  is made by Medium Density Fibreboard.
It is used for internal windows or door furnishing and is made from premium moisture resistance composite wood . Finishing colour are standard white or custom in 2 pack Polyurethane low V O C water base paint. 100% Australian material , engineered, manufactured here in Queensland.
The wood fiber are from “Responsible Sources”. Formaldehyde emission is in compliance to AS/NZ 1859.2 ( i.e Maximum is equal or less than 1.0) The material is environmentally friendly manufactured and is sourced from plantation Radiated pine forest in Australia. It is resistance to fungal decay provided that the material does not exceed 20% moisture content for extended periods. They are also resistant to attack by common household wood borer. There are no additives such as insecticides or fungicides. It is manufactured using urea formaldehye resin or melamine urea formaldehyde resin.
Furnishing windows and doors with MDF shutters is carried out in various installation methods, depending on its functions. Installation methods are Hinged, Fixed, Bi-fold and Sliding. Hard wares uses are galvanised finishing or stainless steel. It have a 10 years workmanship warranty . All installations should be carried out by qualified installers. Design Features
  • Aero slim 90 x 9mm louvers blades
  • 90mm to 115mm by (18mm) or 90mm to 115mm by (25mm) cross rail
  • 58.5 x25mm stile ( for height up to 1500mm ) or
  • 58.5x 32mm stile ( for height from 1800mm with 90mm mid rail)
  • L frame
  • Z frame
  • T post
  • Hidden side aluminium tilt rod
  • 2 pack polyurethane low VOC water base paint.
  • All hard wares comes pre- installed
  • It can be RTA ( ready to assembly) kit form or assembled finished Product.
  • 100 per cent Australian designed and made in Queensland