components cross sections

parts mm

stiles 25×60

top & bottom rails 90×17 /115×17

mid rails 90×17

louvers 9.5 x90 elliptical

louvers pins nylon & spring loaded

side control Aluminium

Joinery Dowel pins

control rod screws with washers

shutters finishing

Natural wood wax

stain wood wax

Painted white

Customed colours

  • Aero slim 90 x 9mm louvers blades

  • 90mm to 115mm by (18mm) or 90mm to 115mm by (25mm) cross rail

  • 58.5 x25mm stile ( for height up to 1500mm ) or

  • 58.5x 32mm stile ( for height from 1800mm with 90mm mid rail)

  • L frame

  • Z frame

  • T post

  • Hidden side aluminium tilt rod

  • 2 pack polyurethane low VOC water base paint.

  • All hard wares comes pre- installed

  • It can be RTA ( ready to assembly) kit form or assembled finished Product.

  • 100 per cent Australian designed and made in Queensland

  •  Aero slim 90mm louvers

  •  60mm 90mm cross rail

  •  76mm adjustable rail

  •  51.5×30.5mm stile

  •  L frame

  •  Z frame

  •  T post

  •  Spring loaded plastic or stainless pins

  •  Dual front tilt rods

  •  24 mm 50mm U channels

  •  Clip on aluminium pelmets

  •  Aluminium header

  •  Aluminium Side Frame

  •  6mm safety glass insert channel stiles

  •  15% glass filled nylon louvers cap

  •  Stainless steel joinery

Basswood Plantation Shutters are hand crafted from premium grade basswood, with

1、Available in four louver sizes – 47mm, 63mm, 89mm and 114mm.

2、Option of 20 colors including 13 paint and 7 stain finishes

3、Specialty shapes and customization for any window, any shape, any size

4、High quality hardware

5、Mortise & tenon joint constructions.

PVC Plantation Shutters are from a high quality PVC extrusions which can be used in any moisture or humidity environment,

especially in bath room and kitchen.

Our PVC shutters are available in two louver sizes

– 63mm and 89mm

and the same 13 paint colors as our Basswood shutters